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NEW RELEASE: BWWM Billionaire Romance


SYNOPSIS: LOGANMy life was perfectno commitment beyond my billion-dollar adult businesses, and a revolving door of beauties at my side. But my oldest friend asks me to let his sister crash at my penthouse for a while, and I owe him big time, so I agree. I had no idea the untouched girl who showed up would shatter my idea of the perfect life so easily. And now all I want is to be her first, last, and everything…

ALYSSA – What fresh hell is this? I finally decide to take a leap of faith—only to land right in front of a wealthy playboy I used to have a crush on—my brother’s best friend. Now that I’m all grown up, Logan’s looking at me differently, but I’m definitely not game for being another notch on the cocky billionaire alpha’s belt! Although my lady parts seem to have a different opinion… 

**A super-steamy, fast-paced BWWM love story with over-the-top, gooey goodness. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA! AMAZON LINK** 

NEW RELEASE: BWWM Billionaire Romance

SYNOPSIS: LIAM – I f*cked up pretty badly with Kiara Montgomery years ago, but an unexpected second chance is on the horizon. Now that she’s a rising star, however, and on the radar of tons of other rich, powerful men, do I stand a fighting chance?
F*ck yeah, I do, and I’m gonna take it…

KIARA – What was I thinking, admitting on national TV that I’m still a virgin? Now I have all kinds of freaks after me who took that as a challenge, and unfortunately, one of them is Liam Cox—a guy I thought I’d gotten over after he broke my heart long ago.
Like most, he’s probably just chasing me for the ‘grand prize,’ and knowing that should save me from falling for his charms all over again. Right??

**Dare is a steamy second chance BWWM romance with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and an HEA!** AMAZON LINK

NEW RELEASE: Billionaire Alpha BWWM Romance

Bossy-KindleSYNOPSIS: After a failed marriage to a hopeless gambler, Candace is desperately trying to find a job and ends up face to face with a man whose heart she broke when she left him for someone wealthier—and he’s now a billionaire boss!

Can she get her first love to forgive her? Or will he find a way to make her pay for dumping him, sending her life into final devastating shambles?

A sexy interracial second chance office romance. AMAZON LINK

NEW RELEASE: Billionaire Alpha BWWM Romance

Fated book cover

SYNOPSIS: Sweet, curvy Nina has been in love with her best friend, Brent, for years.

She accepts being friend-zoned until one steamy impulsive night changes everything between them. But then Brent completely vanishes from her life, leaving her alone, confused, and carrying around a huge secret.

When she runs into Brent again, both of their lives have changed drastically, and now that her old best friend is a billionaire, she’s convinced he’ll never want her now that he can have any woman he wants, and especially once he finds out what she’s been hiding.

But will Brent surprise her after all? Or will he toss her aside again, leaving her alone and broken once more?

A complete, standalone interracial romance novella.  AMAZON LINK