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NEW RELEASE: BWWM Mountain man romance

SYNOPSIS: All he needs is his cabin in the woods…

BLAKE -Peace and quiet, people-free—that’s my paradise. I’ve had enough action for this lifetime and the next, seen more blood than most, and I’m done with death and destruction. The last thing I want is to get involved with the ‘normal’ world, but a city girl in distress shows up in my neck of the woods, disturbing my careful balance. One look at the curvy beauty and it’s not just about helping her; those juicy curves of hers are demanding I help myself! 

All she needs is her home office…

BRANDI – There I was, living the introvert dream. I work from home and can have everything I want delivered to me; I barely have to leave my apartment! But then I opened my door for a food delivery, and my life changed. How was I to know the delivery guy would end up being an unstable stalker? When his obsession with me goes too far, I accept my best friend’s suggestion of staying with her ex-military brother in the wilderness for a while. I sure as hell wasn’t prepared for the carnal temptations the insanely hot, wild-looking man would bring! Suddenly, I’m not so sure Blake’s that stable himself; he might be more dangerous than the stalker I thought I left behind… 

Rescued is a steamy, standalone BWWM love story featuring an alpha veteran recluse and an introverted BBW! Currently available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited. Get it at AMAZON!

NEW RELEASE: BWWM Fake Marriage Romance

SYNOPSIS: He denies being a cowboy, but he sure knows how to lasso…

VICKY – Grant calls me ‘princess’ because my family’s rich, but our differences don’t matter to me. I fell in love with him, but then he vanished without a trace, leaving me with unanswered questions for six whole years. Now he’s back, hotter than ever and with a proposition—marry him so he can get a huge inheritance he’ll share with me. I don’t know what to think, especially since I don’t need the money, but then he sweetens the deal…

She thinks I want her to marry me so I can inherit a fortune, but this union’s been a long time coming…

GRANT – Vicky’s been unforgettable since the day I met her, and now I have a chance to tie her to me. We had a good thing going, but I took off on her, disappearing for six long years. I had my reasons, and now I’m back for her. This time, I’m never letting go…

Bound is a steamy, standalone BWWM love story with light BDSM elements. Currently available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited. Get it here! NOTE: It is recommended, though not required, to read Bossy first (same world). Bound stars the sister of the main character in Bossy.

NEW RELEASE: BWWM Billionaire Romance


SYNOPSIS: LOGANMy life was perfectno commitment beyond my billion-dollar adult businesses, and a revolving door of beauties at my side. But my oldest friend asks me to let his sister crash at my penthouse for a while, and I owe him big time, so I agree. I had no idea the untouched girl who showed up would shatter my idea of the perfect life so easily. And now all I want is to be her first, last, and everything…

ALYSSA – What fresh hell is this? I finally decide to take a leap of faith—only to land right in front of a wealthy playboy I used to have a crush on—my brother’s best friend. Now that I’m all grown up, Logan’s looking at me differently, but I’m definitely not game for being another notch on the cocky billionaire alpha’s belt! Although my lady parts seem to have a different opinion… 

**A super-steamy, fast-paced BWWM love story with over-the-top, gooey goodness. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA! AMAZON LINK** 

NEW RELEASE: BWWM Billionaire Romance

SYNOPSIS: LIAM – I f*cked up pretty badly with Kiara Montgomery years ago, but an unexpected second chance is on the horizon. Now that she’s a rising star, however, and on the radar of tons of other rich, powerful men, do I stand a fighting chance?
F*ck yeah, I do, and I’m gonna take it…

KIARA – What was I thinking, admitting on national TV that I’m still a virgin? Now I have all kinds of freaks after me who took that as a challenge, and unfortunately, one of them is Liam Cox—a guy I thought I’d gotten over after he broke my heart long ago.
Like most, he’s probably just chasing me for the ‘grand prize,’ and knowing that should save me from falling for his charms all over again. Right??

**Dare is a steamy second chance BWWM romance with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and an HEA!** AMAZON LINK

NEW RELEASE: BWWM Bodyguard Romance

SYNOPSIS: She can finally be mine…

JAMES – When Angel McDaniels contacts me for help with a stalker situation, I jump at the task, not intending to jump her bones immediately. But harboring a secret crush for her while she was with a friend of mine makes me a bit reckless with the opportunity, and now it looks like she’ll need protection from me too…

ANGEL – With my newfound internet fame, I thought the biggest threat to me was a stranger sending me sick messages online. Turns out my new bodyguard—a special forces type who happens to be my ex-boyfriend’s close friend—could be the biggest threat to me of all!

**A fast-paced love story with lots of steam! Some over-the-top drama, but at its heart, a gooey sweet, sexy adventure.  AMAZON LINK**

NEW RELEASE: Billionaire Alpha BWWM Romance

Bossy-KindleSYNOPSIS: After a failed marriage to a hopeless gambler, Candace is desperately trying to find a job and ends up face to face with a man whose heart she broke when she left him for someone wealthier—and he’s now a billionaire boss!

Can she get her first love to forgive her? Or will he find a way to make her pay for dumping him, sending her life into final devastating shambles?

A sexy interracial second chance office romance. AMAZON LINK

NEW RELEASE: An Erotic New Adult Captive Tale

SYNOPSIS: Billionaire Errol Jameson is bored.

Money has been able to buy him everything, and he constantly needs new challenges. He decided to create his own reality show to appease his voyeuristic tendencies, and after pulling off a successful first show with test subjects Calla & Jason, he’s ready to be entertained again. His second unwitting duo: Courtney & Dustin.

* * *

Dustin first met the beautiful Courtney at the age of nine. Despite being worlds apart, the innocent pair felt pulled toward each other, their connection later broken by meddling parents.
Their lives continued to diverge as they got older, with Courtney sticking to more appropriate matches—guys with fat bank accounts—until the two end up trapped together in a freak’s lair.
According to their captor, the only way out is to give in to mutual carnal exploration, and Courtney would rather drop dead than sully herself with Dustin’s grubby, lower-class hands.
Can they find another way out? Or will they give in to their captor’s sordid demands?

NOTE: This is a somewhat dark, steamy triangle romance. The entire story can be read as a standalone, but it is recommended to read Deviant: Calla & Jason first to enhance the experience. AMAZON LINK

NEW RELEASE: Mafia Romantic Suspense Novel

A New Don

SYNOPSIS: A deadly legacy. A forbidden attraction…

DONATELLO – Since I became head of the family, things haven’t been the same. I want to limit bloodshed and take things in a different direction, but with an enemy like Emilio Baldini, that might just be impossible. Saving a prisoner of Emilio’s from certain death probably won’t exactly endear me to him, either…

ISABELLA – Bound, gagged, and kidnapped. Then, finally, saved by a man I have only heard of—Donnie Soriano. But Donnie must never find out I’m Emilio Baldini’s daughter. If he does, he’ll probably throw me out on the street—a fate worse than death, as my feelings for the young Don are blossoming into something deep and real. And so is the new life in my belly…

**A New Don is a bad boy pregnancy romance with lots of action & thrills. A hot, intense mob love story w/ no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happy ending!**


NEW RELEASE: A College Sports Romance


SYNOPSIS: Once superstar jock Abraham Stone notices quiet Madison Mills, all hell breaks loose.

He is determined to have her, finally deciding to shed his longtime gold-digging girlfriend, Bethany, in favor of the unassuming nerd.
But with Abe’s determined desire comes crippling unforeseen consequences.
Jilted Bethany won’t go down without a vicious fight, and in the end, they will all pay for piercing each other’s sphere, one way or another.

Can the athletic alpha convince Madison he’s worth the cost?

A steamy new adult love triangle interracial romance.  AMAZON LINK

Latest Erotic Titles

From the Forbidden Fruit: His BFF series:

Tricked by You-cover

ABOUT TRICKED BY YOUSylvia is a wanted woman. Not by the feds, but by just about every guy in her husband’s circle—his closest friends.
The military guys all try to hide how much they want to take her for a spin, but when the opportunity comes up, friends turn into opportunistic fiends, and Sylvia has no idea what she’s in for once her husband lands the two of them in a mess his lusty buddies are only too happy to bail them out of—on one hard, raw condition. Well, maybe two…  AMAZON LINK


The above story is also included in an anthology of six erotic stories featuring multiple partners now available:


SYNOPSIS: The more the merrier!

This collection includes a mix of hot, naughty stories from various spicy authors. These generous tales all include ‘non-exclusive’ arrangements, so if the thought of three or four at a time offends you, here’s your chance to look away! Otherwise, get ready for sensual group encounters set to light your imagination on fire.


  • Taking My Husband And His Twin – Jamie Klaire
  • Making Him Watch – Sylvia Redmond
  • Tricked by You – Rowena
  • Punished – Lacey St. Claire
  • The Sitter’s Revenge – Ivana Shaft
  • Deviant: Calla & Jason – Rowena